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Soon on Archer, Lana is back in the DAAANGA ZONE as she has to aboard a big blimp plane thingy and share a small cabin with Archer. The duo is supposed to find a bomb on the blimp, but Archer is too busy fighting smoking and being afraid blimps will blow up if you sneeze. Finding a bomb is not high on his worries. The most dangerous person in this episode seems to be … Cheryl/Carol? HUM! It’s not what you think. Unless you’re psychic. And then it probably is. Archer “Skytanic” airs on February 18th @ 10 PM on FX.

Archer Quotes

“Don’t stand here gaping at me…go…thwart something!” – Malory

“Uh hello, planes? It’s blimps. You win.” – Archer