In tonight’s episode of Archer we learn that Tiger Woods probably attends Sexanon meetings.

Let’s talk plot. (And then maybe recipes for eggplant?) Rona Thorne needs to do research for an upcoming spy role. And Lana is the ideal candidate to shadow, right? In fact, Thorne knows a lot about Lana and they become like Oprah and Gayle – even with the crazy and “empowering” book suggestions.

What’s even better is that Rona Thorne is voiced by actress Rachel Harris. Thorne has her own catchphrase – “AMAZING” which she has to say very fast. I love it. The end gives us a way to possibly see Thorne in the future, which I would welcome heartily.

Archer Season 2 Episode 7   Movie Star Summary: The normal childish squabbles, sneaky backbiting, and petty jealousies at ISIS are multiplied exponentially when a  famous Hollywood actress, Rona Thorne, spends a week shadowing the agents as research for an upcoming role in a spymovie. A movie in which Malory would – and may – lioterally kill to land a part.

Archer Season 2 Quotes:

Pam: Nipple town!

Pam: Do you know who you are?
Rona Thorne: I do, I do, I do, I do.

Archer: You’re just doing this to spite me.
Lana: And?

Rona Thorne: Have you read “Unleashing the Me”?

Cheryl: Ugh, deaf people are gross.

Archer: Yea, please, keep gawking at the deaf person.
Pam: Not as gross as the hook hand ones.
Cheryl: Eh, I dunno.

Archer: Even for Lana this is over the line. She’s gonna wish I was never born.

Cyril: But I’m on my way to a sexanon meeting.

Malory: It’s a taut, sexy thriller. Or it will be. If I could get all the taut sexy bits in the right order.

Cheryl: Dick Sledge. He wouldn’t even sign my cast when I broke my own arm.

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