On tonight’s episode of Archer there’s a farm made out of marzipan.

Archer has to deal with his own possible impending death. This makes him selfless in a bunch of selfish ways. It’s comedy gold, people. You’ll always enjoy this show.


  • Pink support ribbons are amazing. Cheryl shows her support in a crazy way.
  • Chet manly.

Archer Season 2 Episode 8   Stage Two Summary: After Malory’s brief scare with breast cancer, another ISIS agent decides to be tested for the disease, with a tragic result.

Archer Season 2 Quotes:

Cheryl: Ugh, a rainy day and a Monday. Talk about a downer double whammy.

Mallory: If I cared what you did on the weekend I’d stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger with my toes.

Lana: Wow, and this is all marzipan?

Krieger: That’ll do pigly, that’ll do.

Archer: What’s the big non-me telling secret?

Mallory: You’d think he was half fainting goat.
Krieger: Aw, goatly.

Rita: Well, if it isn’t Chet Manly.
Archer: And, as I wanna say. ..Peggy?
Rita: Rita!

Doctor: Wow. That’s uh. Yup. That’s breast cancer.

Cyril: Well, he certainly doesn’t have cancer in his fists.

Trinette: Where are you taking him?
Archer: I don’t know. What’s he into? (About the wee baby Seamus.)

Trinette: What the shit!

Archer: Yea, it’s like we’ve got each other backs. Right? (About back tattoos.)

Trinette: How ’bout I slip someone $100 to throw acid in your face.
Archer: It costs more than that to buy acid, Trinette.

Archer: What! I’m riddled with cancer and you want to take a vacation?!

Archer: Come on, I’ve got cancer!

Figgins: Hey, can someone water my plants?!
Cheryl: Yes. Heh. No.

Archer: They said I can eat and drink until midnight.
Mallory: Alcohol?
Archer: Uh, the stuff they use to sterilize hospitals? Pretty sure it’s okay.

Mallory: Can you take him home?
Lana: Can you not?

Archer: Lana, I’m in love with you.
Lana: You are also shitfaced.
Archer: I can be both!

Archer: What the shit, Lana?

Archer: Where’s Mother?

Pam: Bear claws, Mrrrawwr!

Cheryl: Oh my God, how much cancer was in him? This is so boring and forever taking.

Archer: Hello, there’s this great new thing called COASTERS.

Cheryl: What’s cancer?

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