antm 13My photoshop skills came in handy as I wanted to compare every new ANTM contestant’s poses. I went for a rainbow color scheme, although there really aren’t any “oranges”. And maybe that pinky girl should have been down near the violets….ah, but that isn’t the point. The point is, even with my shoddy PSing and overlapping just so I could fit all 13 girls into the picture – who do you think is a natural poser?

Let’s critique!

The fourth girl over, Anslee, seems kind of boring and typical. Sixth over in the yellow, Jessica, definitely draws the eye with her pose – but is it confident or cocky? Right after her in green are Krista and Brenda – both making me yawn. Miss timid in blue, Gabrielle, seems like she might be the underdog who overcomes by the end of the season. Lastly, Miss Black Raina really worked on elongating her legs and cinching her waist in a power pose and determined face. Does she have natural talent?

Sirlinksalot: America’s Next Top Model