Surprisingly arrogant, this home-schooled Mama’s girl is the token oddball on America’s Next Top Model cycle 19.

For every cycle of ANTM, there’s at least one character who seems a bit more out of whack than the others. Usually this means she’s especially prone to confrontation or gossip. But this time? This time we have … Victoria. And she seems to take great photographs, so she’ll be around for a while.

Her full name is Victoria Henley. She was home schooled. And there’s nothing wrong with being home schooled. Or with being a virgin. Which she also is. But there is something odd about Victoria. She is obsessed with her Mom. Not just her BFF “oh Mom, you gave me life and I can tell you anything” kind of way. Victoria’s Mom is her entire world. And Victoria likes it that way.

And it doesn’t help when she says she gets all the “satisfaction” she needs from her Mom, rather than needing a boyfriend. The quote is (basically), “I’m not getting a boyfriend. … I get all of the satisfaction of a relationship from my Mom. She’s so selfless to me in a way I could never see a man being.” It seems like she’s never even tried to find out.

Does Victoria even have any other friends? Everyone needs a couple good friends! You cannot rely on just one person your entire life. And it does not take a psychologist to see that she’s too dependent on her Mother and has formed an unhealthy attitude towards the male gender.

Also, she has polygamist hair. Compare it to any episode of Big Love for reference! (This is not a reference to the photo above, but rather the way Victoria wears her hair naturally in the top model house when she does her own hair.)

If only that was all. But she’s not particularly talented at modeling, yet takes herself very seriously and is surprisingly arrogant! I mean, she does bad at a challenge and then still is the one who gets incredibly bratty that she didn’t win it. In all seriousness, she even called her stripper dance “groundbreaking” because she infused it with her personality. Right, but it looked awful.

Then later in that episode (episode 2 of cycle 19) she did a … I don’t know, a fitness dance in the yard? It was incredibly awkward. (Sidenote: What is up with the Dream Come True perfume images? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Looks like a Harlequin Romance cover for a 50 cent book. Someone needs to be fired for the concept and the bad photoshopping.)

When talking to her Mother after only a few days of being apart, she broke down crying in an extreme way. You’d think someone had just died based on her reaction.

victoria henley antm

You can just tell that she doesn’t want to make friends, has no solid grasp of the real world…. I mean, you want to feel bad for her. Until she opens her mouth. Then you want to slap her.

She’s actually pretty, though. When she doesn’t wear her hair like a polygamist. The kinky hair in the picture below is actually an improvement…

About Victoria Henley: Victoria Henley from “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition” (ANTM) is one of the model contestants in Cycle 19 of The CW reality model competition series.

Victoria Henley is an 18-year-old student at Liberty University, where she is studying English. She stands 5’9½” tall and is from Colquitt, Georgia. Her favorite movie is “Gone,” while her favorite TV show is “Friends.” She also loves reading Vogue magazine and eating Mediterranean food.

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