Tonight was a new episode of America’s Next Top Model. This was the episode with new makeovers. And the photoshoot theme was fallen angels. Too bad most of the girls completely messed up their photos. You might also want to check out:

View and Debate: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Makeovers!

  • Kacey was kind of nuts the way she was flirting with that male model and chasing him down. And she has a boyfriend back home. Geez. I also feel like she’s photographing really old. And not to mention…her clothing for the panel was ugly. I’m not feeling her.
  • Sara is not strong at all, and why didn’t they give her dark eyebrows to match her dark hair? Now she has no eyebrows. She looks a little like Olivia Munn sometimes with this new hair. Baaaad angel photo. She looks like a flying, dancing angel.
  • Chris is lonely without her sister, but she was the strong one. And her photo was great. I just worry she got lucky with her pose.
  • Rhiana also did fantastic.
  • Kayla and Anne did wonderfully.
  • Lexie didn’t have a good photo, which is too bad since I like her a lot.
  • Jane had a horrible picture.
  • Can you believe Chelsey let them widen the gap in her teeth? In her picture she didn’t even show her teeth.

Best photo: Anne

Chris, Kayla, Anne Chelsey had the four best photos and “stood out from the dreckitude of the pack.” It came down to Lexie and Sara. Lexie wasn’t predatorial, and Sara wasn’t seductive. Who stays? Lexie. Yes! She didn’t give us predatorial or editorial. “You gave us deadaitorial,” said Tyra Banks. Yea, great word.

Eliminated: Sara. Thank God.