This week on America’s Next Top Model, Shannon Stewart was stubborn and basically eliminated herself. Smart move!

shannon stewart for antm cycle 17

Too bad the Shannon Stewart version 1.0 aka Molly Simms is already hosting Project Accessory, because Stewart could have done that. Eh, maybe Simms will need a stunt double at some point. …Can you tell I’m not a fan? Sure, Shannon is bubbly and sweet and I generally respect her. But did I ever think she was going to win this ANTM All Stars  competition? Not really. She’s too “old” for the modeling industry, Andre Leon Talley would never abide by that.

My real problem with Shannon boils down to the fact that she seems to think that if she says she won’t model in underwear, then as long as she isn’t in underwear, shes’ fine. Honey, in that tilts challenge you were in a bathing suit that showed more skin than that bright, friendly-looking bra and panties set you were to wear in the Greek Salad challenge. If it’s a matter of skin (and it should be, that’s really what counts) then you already showed more. The underwear looked like a bathing suit, it wasn’t even sexy, it could have been sold in Old Navy! It was practically family friendly.

If Shannon had refused to wear things that were too skimpy, including the stilts challenge bra deal, then I would respect her. As it is, I don’t think she’s trustworthy, I just find her stubborn and kind of dumb.

(Note the picture of her as an angel she took at the beginning of ANTM 17. Those little white bikini bottoms sure look like underwear to me. And they show more skin than the underwear bottoms she refused to wear. Where’s the logic?)

React: Are you a fan of Shannon Stewart? Why or why not?