America’s Next Top Model made plenty of fans happy in the episode titled “Margherita Missoni” because it had a gorgeous photo shoot and they eliminated the constant complainer.

After the ladies arrived in Italy, it was time to work! The photo shoot was before the challenge this week, and the girls were in group shots with a Casanova on a gondola. They got to wear really beautiful, romantic items and look gorgeous. The downside to that was that Italy was scorching hot. Of course, Liz was the one girl who really complained the most. For a girl who wants to model, she doesn’t seem to understand that modeling involves wearing uncomfortable items and being in uncomfortable poses. Liz didn’t like the hot clothes, the sweat, the gondola’s wooden benches, blah blah blah. I can’t have been the only one who wanted to slap her.

After this, the ladies were taken to their new apartment in Milan. This apartment, unlike other destination apartments we’ve seen on ANTM, was very tiny (though chic.) Tyra Banks arrived to explain to the girls this was to remind them of how real models live.

Later, they went to the Missoni HQ and put on the Fall/Winter line and showed off their walk. For the judging, they wore these heavy sweaters and both Liz and Chelsey both looked like they were going to pass out, and also complained audibly during the judging. I don’t blame them, the judges were pretty cruel to expect the ladies to wear the sweaters in such heat for so long.

Kayla was praised by all. Chelsy smized without her eyes open, impressing Nigel. Jane was passable. Ann was defended. But Liz had a hoochie image and was a complainer, while Chris wasn’t able to convey her fun personality into her photo.

In the end, the final two girls were Liz and Chris. It was nice to see Liz leave, since all she did was complain and take horrible pictures.

What’s disturbing was witnessing how the judges defended Ann. The girl is just awkward with other people and in all social interactions. She looked lost in her picture because she had to pose with a man. But the judges came up with a back story about how Ann’s “character” had already had Casanova and knew she’d have him again so she was aloof. It’s alarming when we see the politics of the show going on like this.