Never has Tyra Banks been weirder.

Watch the ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars Modelland Motion Editorial, but only if you’re not alone. Because this is some creepy stuff. And the book is supposedly just as weird and schizophrenic. Babydolls, old toothbrushes, trash, blood oranges… its’ got everything you never knew you absolutely didn’t want in a “motion editorial.”

Surprisingly, some stills taken during the filming of the motion editorial for Modelland actually looked good.

tyra banks modelland

Tyra Banks and Tyson Beckford. This is pre thumb-suck.

lisa d'amato

Lisa D’Amato


Allison Harvard

angelea preston

Angelea Preston

antm cycle 17

Group shot of Cycle 17

Tyson Beckford has no clue what he’s in for.

ANTM Cycle 17
Photo: Walter Sassard/The CW
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