Tyra Banks decided to “put a bird on it” for her latest ANTM photoshoot cray cray.

The bird in question was an owl. The models were warned the owl was dangerous, but it seemed pretty mellow to me. One of the contestants had an extreme aversion to birds, however…

Brittany  Brower- She’s sweet, but she tried to confront BryanBoy about an eyeroll he’d had in panel. This was weird. Later, Yvonne interacted with BryanBoy during the photoshoot. Are the producers encouraging these interactions? I did not like her photo very much… it was okay, but nothing I’d ever pull from a magazine.

Victoria Henley – Baby sister wife wore several high, big buns that seemed old-fashioned rather than on trend. (I just bought a “helper” to create a high, top bun!) Every time I see her, I am reminded that she’s our little polygamist model. Victoria told her Mother, during a routine tearful phone call, that food doesn’t even have a taste when they’re apart. Oh, Baby Sister Wife. Why are you so weird? I actually enjoyed the elaborate backstory she created for her photoshoot.

Kristin Kagay – “Waitress at Oktoberfest” was a good assessment of how Kristen looked in her photo shoot this week. Because she’s such a brat, I was glad to hear her social media scores are going down. (Yay, people are being smart!) She is the perpetually annoyed bratface! Not only do I find her personality completly offputting (no one should ever hire her until she takes some kind of personality rehab) but I don’t even find her pretty except in a very commercial way. (I could see her wearing cargo pants in an ad for Sears…) Plus, she hates birds. (And all people besides herself. Cough.) “I don’t think anyone really is a fan of birds.” Uh, no.. PUT A BIRD ON IT – says everyone on Etsy! (Portlandia reference for you!) Birds are amazing. Just a few weeks ago I helped a bird that had flown into a window – I mean, birds are sweet! (And did she forget that penguins count as birds?)

Laura James aka Olivia Wilde – She looks like Olivia Wilde, especially in Wilde’s blonde days on Skin and The O.C. She was happy for Leila to go home because Leila was such a strong competitor. But she actually said she wanted Kristen to do well. She had a great picture this week. Sigh. She got 10, 10, 10 for her photo scores.

antm laura cycle 19

ANTM Cycle 19, Laura James – Photo: Mike Ruiz

Kiara Belen – She has good energy, although she’s not my favorite. Her legs in this week’s picture were very strong.

Yvonne Powless – Lamenting that modeling is hard work, Yvonne’s had a bad attitude. She has no patience for what modeling is all about. Her sarcasm was unprofessional. And I personally don’t like her look… her face is so boxy! SIDEBAR: “You are hired to perform… be professional, and to swallow it,” – Tyra Banks, when talking about modeling. No, really!

Allyssa  Vuelma – I don’t love her a lot, but she had a great photo this week.She had one slow tear when hearing that she’s not beloved by fans. “They find you average,” was the quote from BryanBoy. That’s not too harsh! It was weird when Tyra superimposed Kristen’s head on Alyssa’s body.

SIDEBAR: How’s the new voting system working for you? Tyra Banks almost always votes last, and she always has unusual scores… it seems like she’s calculating what score to give someone to make sure they’ll stay. She wants to manipulate things. I bet she actually gets to pause anad look over all the scores.

Nastasia Scott – I loved, LOVED her picture this week. But stupid Rob thought it was average, and then Tyra pulled out a 9. Kelly did a 7. (See what I mean about changing up the votes to fix things?)

Callout Order: Laura, Brittany, Alyssa, Kristin, Kiara, Nastasia, Victoria, (Eliminated: Yvonne)

Who do you hope returns? I want Leila Goldkuhl!
Who do you hope wins ANTM 2012? Nastasia, Leiila or Brittany

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