Photo: Ryan Goble/The CW

Chop, chop! The final four (and a dancer) before they were chopped in half by the end of the episode. Photo: Ryan Goble/The CW

America’s Next Top Model made a drastic cut from four wannabe models to two wannabe models. Normally they’d have only eliminated one girl, and then had a double elimination in the final episode. It’s gotta seem dramatic when you’re SOCLOSE to being in the final challenge and then they send you on your way. Not only do the girls get kicked off the show, they get booted out of Hawaii. That’s a double whammy. I would run off so they America's Next Top Modelcouldn’t find me, hanging out in Hawaii for another month.

A sigh of relief went out as Erin was finally eliminated, but we did feel bad for Jen. This means the final two are Nicole and Laura. An all new America‚Äôs Next Top Model airs next Thursday @ 8pm EST on The CW. Let’s discuss the two ladies that are left:

Nicole: Nicole is the stunner here. She’s modelesque in everything she does. She’s the obvious winner – the clear choice. She’s the standout. She’s really the best. She’s been the best at pretty much everything she’s done. But the problem with Nicole is that she doesn’t have a good enough sob story. The only thing she has to build empathy with the judges is that she’s an awkward, shy girl. And the Top model judges prefer more drama. Nicole should win, but will she? Very possibly not. Overcoming shyness and awkwardness is great, but is it great enough? Would Nicole be better off not landing the Top Model gig so she can be a more legit model?

America's Next Top ModelLaura: This is the girl who annoys me while also making me care about her. The judges say they want to polish her. But that has seemed to be a nice way of saying they need to change her entirely. And is that really healthy for any girl? They’ve done it to past model winners, and even though Laura thinks she wants this – will she ever be sorry that she let them change her? I get annoyed when she’s on the screen and saying how she can’t go back home and if she doesn’t win this, it’s over – her life will be ruined. I mean, get a grip. Only one girl can win. If you a really committed to this, you won’t give up. And the winner should be someone who is committed. Conversley, it’s nice that she has determination. She’s great behind the camera but in person she really falls flat. I don’t think she should win.

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