antm 13

There’s an all new America’s Next Top Model “Ugly-Pretty Woman”  this Wednesday at 8/7 c PM. It’s the two-hour finale, and I am pretty stumped about who will win. Could it be the plus-sized *Katherine Heigl-lookalike, Alexandra whose recent confidence has made her catty and cruel? Could it be Rainia, the wolf-eyed girl who seems sweet and cool but we haven’t learned much about? (That’s never a good sign with the editing) Could it be the edgy Angelea who started off being crazy, and still seems crazy – but is talented? Could it be Krista who has tons of knowledge about the modeling world and how to model? I’ve just listened these girls in order of who I think will be eliminated first. I’m PRETTY sure it’ll come down to Angelea and Krista, and I have no clue who will win. Aaaah! Anyway, I have three youtube clips from the ANTM finale!

America’s Next Top Model Trailer – Two-Hour Finale

America’s Next Top Model Webclip 1 – Ugly-Pretty Woman

America’s Next Top Model Webclip 2 – Ugly-Pretty Woman

*I was watching The Ugly Truth on Netflix, but the movie is so bad I could not finish it. Seriously, wtf happened with that?