If you merged Gemma Ward, Emma Pillsbury from Glee, a Blythe doll, Lidia from Beetlejuice, Amelie, Laura Ingalls Wilder from the TV version of Little House on the Prairie and some general sense of Anime in a jar, you’d get Allison Harvard. She’s got cartoon eyes, an artistic vision, and a fun flair for the magical and macabre. It’s like watching The Last Unicorn come to life.

Allison Harvard 2011 for ANTM Cycle 17

Allison Harvard was both a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Now she’s back for the ANTM All-Stars cycle. It’s Cycle 17, if you can believe it. What the judges certainly must be in disbelief about is how they ever let Harvard get away.

Harvard told the Houston Press that two photographers she likes are Juergen Teller and Yvonne Todd, citing them for their representation of beautiful-but-eerie photos. When it comes to high style, Harvard likes Vivienne Westwood and Prada.

In ANTM Cycle 17 episode 2 she wore a “cat hat” that was adorable (basically, add this to everyone’s Christmas/Chanukah lists, because it’s awesome):

When it comes to pictures, one of her most iconic ANTM photos is this one:

And here she is during ANTM cycle 17, during judging (pulling off a large blouse and loosely pleated skirt, bold crimson lips and a matching crimson hat):