The virgin got naked, and Kelly Cutrone was verbally b*#ch-slapped.

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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 3 “The Girl Who Gets Married Again” Recap

First off…wow. Look at the poster tagline. I never even bothered to read it, until now. “The guys are coming.” How … appropriate.

In this episode, we had a vertical catwalk as the challenge and then a photoshoot of brides and grooms… or grooms and grooms. Gee, I wonder if this was an idea created after they brought a girl into the competition who’d been married and divorced at 18… Nah, they don’t care. They didn’t name the episode AFTER that very fact… ahem. (“The Girl Who Gets Married Again.”) Yea, total coincidence.

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Just like it was a coincidence that Jourdan was paired with the guy who had a crush on her, but she’d claimed as an annoying puppy dog who followed her around. (Jeremy Rohmer, the virgin who looks like Jason Dohring.) Duh, total coincidence.

Jourdan is pretty, but vapid and boring.

Oh, and the pair posed “naked” for the nudist wedding. Which actually had an interested composition, especially with these gif-inspired photos for cycle 20. (Which, you can bet Tyra Banks et al are doing because gifs are so popular online.)

The Girl Who Gets Married Again

Credit: The CW

Does this Guys and Girls episode did give us condom talk and some hapless flirting, especially from the desperate, naïve young Marvin. He seems like a doof, or a goof, or … whatever you want to call it. But he has no game.

Along the way, Chlea insulted Kelly Cutrone for our entertainment. Two straight guys posed for a gay wedding. And Phil the Lumberjack (cause of his facial hair, ya dig?) had shockingly low social media scores!

In the end, here’s who was eliminated: Bianca Alexa and Chris Schellenger

Why?! Chris S. had a really strong face, and he’d even overcome his height issues (for a guy, being an alleged 5’10” is simply dastardly!) I really liked him, and he could have done high fashion!

Bianca kind of gave up on her catwalk debacle, choosing to go limp down the runway. Plus, she had a bad picture.

Do you agree with these eliminations? Who’s your favorite guy and gal so far? How badly do you want to slap all of the new judges? Let me know in the comments.

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