The girls on America’s Next Top Model All Stars are technically already reality stars, so this particular photoshoot challenge sounds a bit redundant.

allison harvard

For the “Kathy Griffin Episode” the modelbee’s are tasked to “pose as reality stars.” Picture above is Allison Harvard, with a pretty strong photo. Most of the girls don’t look a lot like themselves in these images, and that’s a good thing – you want models to transform. But they can’t all be winners…

Alexandria’s photo is okay, I like that she has a bit of humor on her face. Angelea is also taking charge in her photo, and while I don’t think her face in this picture is as pretty as she can be, it’s not a bad photo. But, she looks annoyed, and she kind of … always looks annoyed.

Next up we have a decidedly different approach from Bianca, who looks lustful and you can’t deny the power of her face. Meanwhile, Dominique’s face is doing nothing for me. And neither is her body.

But Kayla… poor girl, her face is so distant, and she’s not selling this style story at all. I don’t see a reality star there. It’s way too staged.

Laura I like, typically… but in this picture she looks cheesy and I just don’t like it. The extension on her one leg is great, but it’s better if we can see at least some of the other leg.

Someone I typically dislike (and still do) is Lisa, but the makeover she has in this photo makes her look less like a drunk, old housewife. And the picture is good.

Shannon is giving a strong pose, and in her face she looks a little bit like Ali Larter – but more generic. Shannon is just…generic. We already have Molly Sims, why do we need her?

Two outtakes that are cute and beautiful:

allison harvard

laura kirkpatrick