America’s Next Top Model was very strange last night in that my least favorite (visually, not personality-wise) was called as the best picture, and my most favorite (not visually, but personality-wise) was called for the second best picture. Can you even keep that straight? I hardly can!

The best picture went to Ann, the naturally super thing girl. Now, in the episode she proved she’s probably a bit of a geek, talking about how she wants to date warlocks who spit fire or something. She has humor and personality and I would love to hang with her, probably. But in terms of looks…is Tyra Banks trying to say that any girl, no matter how genuinely homely, can become high fashion? I wouldn’t comment on Ann’s looks to you guys, except that this is a modeling competition.

So, I have to say that I don’t care about her height – she’s tall and that’s fine to me. That’s not where I take issue. Other than the fact that her body is so skinny that it’s very hard to believe (or know in a simple campaign ad, if you’re flipping through Italian Vogue) that she’s actually just naturally got a metabolism that keeps her that thin. The fact is, that she looks unhealthy even if she is the most unhealthy person in the world. Looking at a girl that thin makes me uncomfortable. Once you know the story behind her, then you feel less uncomfortable. But again, this isn’t trying to get Ann a gig as a talk show host where she can explain things. Everything in her job will be a quick visual glance.

And the second issue with her is…her entire face. I mean…I just don’t see natural beauty there. Her lips are very small, her eyebrows are very severe…her hair is such a wreck, her nose is mouse-like… The entire combination… Just no. She doesn’t look like a model. Does that mean she can’t be one, or become one? No. But I’m really dying to see how they make her over, and how she keeps up her new look.  I’m rooting for her, but not her biggest fan on the visual side.

I love when the underdog wins. I just love it better when it seems well-deserved.

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