Now that we’ve crowned Sophie Sumner as the ANTM British Invasion winner, it’s time to pause and reflect on her journey… oh, shove it. Let’s just talk about the America’s Next Top Model 2012 finale on The CW last night (May 30th.)

Competitors: Laura LaFrate and Sophie Sumner

The finale was divided into four main sections.

CoverGirl Commercial – I felt so bad for Laura when she had her panic attack. But I also felt a bit mad, because if it was any other girl who wasn’t as kickass and tough as Laura, the show probably would have come down harder on her. As it was, the judges were still kind of harsh. Like, Laura is human, relax! I loved Laura’s candid moments more than Sophie’s, but Sophie’s formal presentation was much better. (And not just because the accent makes everything sound better.)

CoverGirl Print Ad – Listen, sometimes these things just don’t jive. Sophie’s, for me, was just a better composition. I should mention that neither of these girls made me want to actually purchase this blast lipstick stuff.

Forever 21 Runway – Sophie’s always rocked the runway, there wasn’t a ton of competition here. What I’ll mention is that Tyra Banks is CRAZY with that hologram stuff. That made it seem cheap – and it was already featuring Forever 21 clothing… ugh.

Vogue Italia Photo Shoot – We didn’t see the final photos, but it looked like Laura was rocking these. While Sophie was better at runway, Laura was the one who could take pictures.

In the end, it seemed to come down to whether they wanted one model who could take really good pictures, or one model who was well-rounded and was pretty good at just about everything.

I’m almost entirely okay with their choice, except in my earlier recaps I remember noting that Sophie was acting really rude and bratty to the American girls. Of course, by the end, her and Laura (“the American”) were pretty chummy.

Do you guys agree with who won ANTM this cycle? And what do you think of the college edition cycle?