Read this ANTM British Invasion review so we can talk about how cute Nicholas Tse is.

antm laura scotia

What’s funny about cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is that everything has become the opposite of what it once seemed. Laura once seemed someone who would be voted off quickly, but now seems the frontrunner to win the entire competition. The British girls all seemed to rage with the desire to win, but two of them voluntarily eliminated themselves. And Eboni, who was so obviously one of the weakest girls, managed to stick around until last night!

The challenge for the girls seemed fun as they got to prepare an action scene with Nicholas Tse. I’m not above admitting that I tried to replicate the right hook, left hook and uppercut moves without quite so much success. I was incredibly surprised how well each of the competitors did for their screen tests. Eboni taking off her jacket was a nice touch, but Laura taking a moment to undo her hair seemed silly. But she still won. (I liked her screen test, but I’m not sure if it was the best.)

The photoshoot was with Mr. Nigel Barker (read our exclusive interview on Small Screen Scoop about his thoughts on AzMarie Livingston!) and tested the girls’ fear of heights. Sophie really broke down and I thought it was a bit childish the way she declined to go first and then decided she would – pushing Laura back. But Laura didn’t make any fuss about that, which was mature of her.

No question about it, Laura Scotia had the best picture of the group and the judges agreed. They also decided to finally send Eboni Davis home, but not before Alisha White surprisingly sent herself home as well. That was a stunning move. Why do you think she did it?

Photo: The CW