“Pot Ledom” is the latest little catchphrase that Tyra Banks is employing on America’s Next Top Model. It’s simply “Top Model” – backwards. It makes no sense and has no other significance. I cannot abide this crazy phrase. So the fact that it had to be employed into every All Stars song this week was really, really ridiculous. Let’s talk about this episode.

Having the models sing and do a music video isn’t a major challenge in this era of auto tune. (Compare how Laura Kirkpatrick sounded without help to the final product, man.) But Tyra Banks deciding she wanted to be in the music videos, looking super wacky, was stupid. More stupid than that? Introducing the phrase “pot ledom” into every song as mandatory. Maybe she should have considered that the phrase isn’t just dumb, it’s insulting to ask someone who’s written an emotional song to then use a phrase that makes no sense (I’m talking about Allison Harvard, but she surprisingly pulled this off.)

I’d have preferred they just have to say ANTM or something, you know? Instead, we got Pot Ledom. And my working theory is that this was a tactic of subliminal advertising. While none of the songs have stayed in my head, this weird phrase that  I heard about 50 times in that episode won’t leave my mind.

Lisa D’Amato: The only time I’ve liked her this cycle has been in seeing her interact with her fiancee. So, he really is her better half. When her hair is straightened, it can look cool. But when she has giant curls and heavy pink lipstick, Lisa ages herself about 20 years. In general, she has a very unflattering look. While I’ll admit that she can dance pretty well, I wasn’t really impressed by her rapping/singing skills. And I was glad when she didn’t win the challenge, even though I felt bad for her.

Angelea Preston: Like the judges, there’s something in her tht makes me want to keep her around. But at the same time, I feel like she lacks a sense of personal style that she needs to win.

Laura Kirkpatrick: If she was more of a Taylor Swift, I’d like her. But she’s … not. Again, I find her personal style really questionable. Her crimped hair? Ugh. She’s sweet, but I don’t really want her to win. Is she anyone’s favorite?

Allison Harvard: I don’t hide the fact that she’s my favorite. But I know she’s not everyone’s flavor. I think her struggle with the music video showed that she can thrive under pressure and that she’s a creative force. I loved the vibe of her song, although the music video seemed to have weird filters put on it to distort the colors and that was odd. She gets lucky because of her eyes, but I don’t think that’s the only reason she ends up doing well with things. I’m worried other people will start to resent her. But listen, Angelina Jolie isn’t famous just because she has nice lips. It doesn’t work that easily. I was super pleased with how Game (and that is a silly name, ugh) ended up being so impressed with her. See, talent, even if it isn’t your bag, will make people see your value. Allison did the best at her particular style/brand of stuff.

Shannon Stewart: Ah, the pretty, traditional girl who looks like Molly Simms. I respect Shannon a lot. And I did get a Faith Hill vibe from her video and song. (How cute and pleased did she look when Game gave her the Hill comparison?) I think she’s a very well defined person and that means her “brand” (I had thinking about people as brands) is equally well defined. My issue with her is that she’s not particularly memorable. She has really nice personal style, and I find her almost charming. I was also impressed during the panel when Tyra gave her words and Shannon could pull off the looks in an instant.

Alexandria Everett: She reminds me (facially, and vocally) of Olivia Wilde. But man, Alexandria has never seemed sincere and her ego is just way too big. Do you remember her line about how she realized, now, that a masterpiece could be written in 20 minutes? I don’t want to read too much into that, but her attitude always seems to be “I’m so great.” As a model, she is. I wasn’t sad to see her eliminated tonight.

Dominique Reighard: Her face is very manly, and I don’t feel a spark with her. I also don’t remember her from her cycle, at all. That said, she’s not unlikeable. The show needs to be giving her more camera time for a connection to happen.

So, ANTM watchers, I want to know what YOU thought of this episode. Do you agree with Allison winning or would you have given it to Lisa?