America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 continued with girls in dumpsters and eating disorder allegations.

Well, we started the episode off with the entire new synopsis of what is going on this season. Repetitive and boring, yay. But it reminded me that I needed to tell you guys that Victoria Henley (Baby Sister Wife) is hilarious because she wears hideous, gaudy feather earrings to honor her Native American heritage.

Victoria is worried she almost blacked out at panel. Laura decides no one is going in the Tyra suite with her. Kiara Belen is the house Mom who cooks dinner for everyone. As they enjoy chilli, Victoria decides not to eat. In fact, she’s had no desire to eat since being without her Mom. “It’s like I can’t even taste food.” And all of the girls are interested/concerned in her weird eating habits. They’ve also noted her hilarious and constant exercise routines. (She used giant chess pieces as barbells, WHAT?)

Allyssa Vuelma has this gem to offer: “Even if you’re second, you’re the first loser.”

Bryanboy arrived, annoying everyone. How does anyone stomach him? But he lets the girls know it’s time to road trip to Palm Springs. The theme? “Random Acts of Modeling.” Which basically means, posing while doing something mundane. They also end up in two teams for this Nylon challenge.

Kiara gets bonus points for caring about Victoria. Later we hear Nastasia Scott also voicing concerns. And these aren’t the bratty kinds of “she’s all messed up” kind of concerns. It’s a genuine concern. And it makes me like them both more.

The teams don’t seem to understand what a random act of modeling is. The first team poses with mini landmarks. But team 2 almost understands as they “fiercely” eat cotton candy. Plus, fiercely washing your hands!

There’s a place called Wigwam Motel. I totally wanna go there.

There’s some hilarity when one team goes to a Windmill Farm. Their skirts are blowing up, and it’s not exactly a very random thing to do to be standing in front of those windmills.

“We all smell like little boy sweat.” – Brittany Brower

Team 1 won. Laura James won the challenge from her team. She’ll be on Nylon TV. But she’s a poor man’s Olivia Wilde, and she’s a total beeytch. I refuse to be happy for her.

Allyssa is arrogant in every sound byte. Maybe not even arrogant… just full of attitude?

While they were “slumming” in a not-so-fabulous motel, they learned it was time to go do a photoshoot. The theme was basically… the morning after a big night.

Victoria Henley goes in with a whole story about having lost her virginity. Weirdly, she sounded like Winona Ryder (her voice).

It was fun to see these girls have some real challenges. Kristin Kagay had to pour real cold milk down her body/throat. Allyssa had to lick stuff off the ground near a real cockroach. Kiara got in a dumpster. Laura had to use a real toilet, and her hair even got in it. It’s not as bad as posing with raw meat like some other ANTM gals have done… of course. Let’s have a little perspective, guys.

It was time for another installment of Victoria wailing into the phone to her Mom. How did she ever think she could be in this competition? “Oh Mama!”

“I think she’s obsessed and I think she’s cray.” – Allyssa on Victoria

Kristin Kagay proved what a ruthless brat she is when she yelled at Victoria to get off the phone.

Nastasia went to Victoria to talk, and it was a sweet thing. She wasn’t trying to make Victoria to leave just to eliminate competition. Brittany was also sweet. Allyssa went the disgusted, tough love route.

ANTM Panel

And then… we were at panel. No segue.

Rob Evans smirks and flirts with the models with his eyes as Tyra talks.

  • Brittany – They feel this is a very Nylon picture. Tyra thinks she’s become a character, and loves it.
  • Kiara – Tyra worried it looked like it was a crime scene. Bryanbooy took some paper and threw it on the floor as some sort of metaphor.
  • Laura – Rob felt it was a weak shot. So did the rest of the judges. “I just didn’t see a model,” said Tyra.
  • Kristin – It’s a good shot. The judges praised her.
  • Nastasia – Even though she was scrunched, she didn’t look short. “I think tihs shot is banging,” said Tyra.
  • Allyssa – Rob said he knows she committed, but she was too posed. Kelly said it looked like Jackie Kennedy swimming with the creature from the black lagoon.
  • Victoria – The judges called it “amazing.” Bryanboy said he wants to see Victoria stand and be confident. “I wanna see you next time with a happy face,” he whined. The girls were making some faces, and Kiara said they were concerned about Victoria and her health. Victoria made her case, saying it was subjective. Tyra used this as a chance to talk about how she’s written open letters to “every girl in the world” about eating.
  • Nastasia got best photo, and that makes me happy. I like her a lot in pictures and as a person.

Call out order: Nastasia, Brittany, Kristin, Victoria, Kiara. It came down to Laura and Allyssa. Out: Allyssa. As the last “fiercely real” model left, Tyra said she would be personally upset about this. She said so would millions of fans. But I don’t think Allyssa had millions of fans….

ANTM Recap Questions

  1. Does Victoria Henley have an eating disorder?
  2. Is Kristin Kagay the ultimate villain of this cycle?
  3. Is Kiara Belen controlling or motherly?

Image Credit: The CW

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