Anna Gristina was interviewed by Dr. Phil. Coming across as insincere, Gristina shirked any idea of responsibility for her situation.

I’m not here to recap the entire Gristina case for you. As a TV critic, I’m here to comment about this particular  Dr. Phil interview, how it was conducted, and what the takeaway was.

It’s important to note that two lawyers accompanied Anna, and were in the room for the interview. One in particular, her trial lawyer, talked almost as much as Gristina did.

People like Dr. Phil and his methods because he does not stand for BS. But Gristina was only willing to offer up BS, with “poor me” sound-bytes.

When Phil tried to ask questions and the lawyers would keep speaking up so Anna wouldn’t, Phil even asked if they should just end the interview. Which Gristina did not want. Why? Because she wanted to garner public approval and sympathy. And to do that, she needs to have interviews like this.

But Phil didn’t want to do a puff piece with her. And I actually feel that he started going a bit soft on her as the interview progressed.

Willing to open up about how unfair certain things were, Gristina got teary eyed when talking about her time in Rikers and her children.
But her refusal to own up to why she was targeted (the truth) made her completely annoying. She was obviously hiding things, and she’s far more guilty than she wants to admit to being.

Husband Kelvin, and children, were there to also be interviewed.  Kelvin and the children were far more sympathetic and believable than Anna.

I walked away from this hour of TV feeling badly for Gristina’s family, but ultimately believing (not knowing, but feeling) that Gristina is probably guilty.

Did you watch this episode? Do you feel Gristina comes across as guilty or innocent?

About Anna Gristina from the Dr. Phil Website:
Anna Gristina made national headlines and was dubbed the “New York Soccer Mom Madam” when she was arrested and accused of running a multimillion dollar prostitution empire out of an Upper East Side apartment. After being at the center of a five-year undercover investigation and spending four months in jail, she’s now out on bail, facing one felony count of promoting prostitution; a charge that could land her in jail for up to seven years — or get her deported to her native Scotland — if convicted. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, the 44-year-old mother of four addresses the accusations against her and explains why she says she’s completely innocent. Then, Anna drops a bombshell about why she believes she was targeted by investigators — is there a political conspiracy behind the headlines?

Anna Gristina is refusing to help prosecutors, who allege that she has been running a $15 million dollar prostitution ring out of a tiny Manhattan apartment. Following four months in jail, Anna is now out on bail after an appellate court lowered the amount from $2 million to $250,000. She is set to go to trial next month. Wearing an ankle monitoring device, she sits down exclusively with Dr. Phil at her upstate New York home to set the record straight. Why does she believe she’s being targeted by investigators?

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