Sometimes people go crazy. And sometimes people go crazy on national television. (The latter is probably grossly more embarrassing.)

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Tonight’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ was the uncomfortably slutty time when one man invites three women into his bedroom for sex. If they accept, they’re sluts. If they reject it, they’re a prude and dumb. That’s just how American thinks about it.

Even though Cameeeyaaa would not like this as an example, Juan Pablo didn’t shy away from offering invites to the Fantasy Suite.

Clare Crawley played the demure card. She wanted to make sure Juan Pablo was really sure he wanted her to come into the Suite, and it was something he was okay with his daughter seeing. She was all, “I’m going to be a saint of a stepmother, and I’ll love – how you say…- camulla. Yea, her.” Yea.

They said that they did nothing but talk in the Fantasy Suite. So, that’s a lie.

Next up, Andi Dorfman took her turn. They had a wonderful day together before the night. And they were both so happy. The next morning, Juan Pablo was still just as happy. But Andi…not so much.

This is what she took away from that night:

  • Very possibly an STD.
  • He wasn’t interested in her.
  • He just talked about himself and how great he was.
  • He dropped famous names.
  • He’s fake and has been  lying this whole time about being a decent guy.
  • He’s awful.
  • He’d had a great time in the fantasy suite with Clare. (Ouch.)

So, then we have Nikki’s turn. And yes, all three women went into the suite. Kiss, kiss, whatever.

There are videos from the women for Juan Pablo. Andi says she demands to speak with him.

At the meeting, Andi starts out saying she’s disappointed and he doesn’t know her and she doesn’t think they are a match. Juan Pablo kind of apologizes, is surprised, and is ready for her to leave. But she’d rather stick around to keep lecturing him. And lecturing. And as much as I agree with her that she could be angry and hurt, she started taking it too far. Really, she was pummeling him with her words. I nearly felt bad for Juan Pablo.

Eventually, she leaves. She’s sad. And her Dad is going to be pissed.


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