Despite the fact that Tyra Banks is always trying to educate her model’s on America’s Next Top Model about being personable and relatable, we all know that models aren’t very nice. And loyal fans of ANTM have also heard Banks explain that new models should not expect more experienced girls to help them.

So, while in most seasons we see a former ANTM winner come back with advice for our girls on the show, the reality is that models can be very catty and unapologetically so. In tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model we have Zac Posen and his models featured. Apparently he has hired rude, entitled models who know they’re hot shit. This makes the Top Model girls angry – grr, rawr. But really, what should they expect? In the “normal world”, we do hope people are kind and sweet (even though most aren’t). But in the “model world”? I certainly wouldn’t expect that. (Edit: Thank goodness, the professional models were told to be mean!)

Meanwhile, the challenge involves the models roller skating and talking to the camera. I have a feeling Ann is going to be awful at that.

America’s Next Top Model – Zac Posen Previews after the jump.

America’s Next Top Model – Zac Posen Preview Clip

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Zac Posen” Cycle 15 Episode 8 – ZAC POSEN IS THE GUEST JUDGE — Designer Zac Posen surprises the girls at their beach house to inform them they will be wearing his fall 2010 collection during this week’s runway challenge. The girls put their personality to the test when they shoot their very first commercial while wearing roller skates on the beach. Posen is also this week’s guest judge.

Those were promos for America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 episode 8! America’s Next Top Model airs on Wednesdays on The CW