The results are in, and it’s that no one likes their entire face licked.

antm 20

Before the face licking, there was phone drama, a meaningful date, and even lime green pants. Let’s start at the, well, start!

Phone Fiend

Jourdan had the Tyra Suite, and also controlled the phone calls. It’s a smart, fun new twist to give the housemates just one hour of phone time for everyone. It means that not everyone will get the same amount of time, or even at all… Jourdan started out saying she and Nina would get ten minutes each, and everyone else would get five. But because her boyfriend thought there was a naked picture of her online from her photoshoot, she decided she had to talk to him longer. For about fifteen minutes. Then Nina went in, and Jourdan didn’t clarify if Nina should do ten or five minutes…

As if that wasn’t enough going on, Renee cane down and got upset with Jourdan. When they all started messing with Jourdan, despite how I agree that she’s kind of rude, I wanted Jourdan to say that for Renee disrespecting her, she lost all of her phone privellages. Of course, this would have come back to haunt her the entire rest of the season…


Jeremy still adores Jourdan. I just want to say that Jeremy really looks like Jason Dohring. I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again.

Perez Hilton

I don’t keep up with him… so uh… when did he get a curly mullet?! Because that, that is ugly. Although I like him with dark hair. As for his lime green pants… I can’t. I just can’t.

Fashion Correspondant’s

Smize TV, of course, was the name. Ugh. Renee and Marvin did badly(but has a super stinkin’ sweet heart!) , Phil did phenomenally great as did Alexandra and Jourdan.

Jeremy won. But it was because he blindly followed his instructions without even knowing he should challenge some. He … I just didn’t think he deserved the win.

Jordan and Jeremy

So, she doesn’t like him. But he’s her only friend in the house other than Nina. And he keeps going after her, but she’s got a boyfriend anyway. So, I just feel bad for him. How do you respect someone who lets themselves get treated like trash?

And yet. I actually loved seeing their dinner. They …shared and opened up. And I think Jeremy actually teared up when Jourdan talked about the abuse she’d had in her marriage. It just all seemed genuine, so I appreciated that moment.

Sexy Fragrance Timez – Questionable

The girls dressed like guys, and vice versa. Jeremy Rowley was there to help coach everyone. He looks a lot like Casey Affleck, both of whom are cute. Think you’re reading that I’ve got a crush? Damn straight. (And the amazing Dax Shepard follows him on Twitter, so you know he’s talented.)

I'm not telling you to oogle...but, oogle. Photo Credit:

I’m not telling you to oogle…but, oogle. Photo Credit: IMDB

A kiss was ending the shoot, and Jourdan got to pick first. She actually did pick Jeremy. Phil picked Jiana, of course.

Marvin looked a little …good, in his bikini top. I don’t know what to do with that information.

Phil and Jiana as the preppy couple for the shoot was….funny. And fun to watch because those two like each other so much.

Chris H. made an ugly woman. But Cory thought he did. Ah well.

Don was part of the cheerleader couple, and I loved that bit.

Jourdan… said she didn’t know what gothic was because her town is just white people and some Hispanics. Um.


“Smell like a man, feel like a woman.”

I enjoyed that when Tyra called Jourdan out for using the excuse of being so innocently “sheltered” and not knowing what  “a gothic” is.

All the judges laughed when they saw Marvin licking Renee’s face. So, that’s good. At least he made it work.

Top: Cory

Bottom: Marvin, Alexandra, Jiana

Out: Alexandra

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