How about last night’s ANTM? We had wrestling, moving catwalks, and the return of “dreckitude” being forced upon our already questionable vocabularies!

The challenge involved the models walking in tight dresses (some with trains) and heels on a conveyor belt. Male models were also there, but they got to walk in sneakers and pants. (A world of difference.) Every single girl we saw stumbled. What was odd is that when the biggest falls of the night happened, the camera always cut away and didn’t let us see the juicy stuff. You know, presumably the reason they made up this stupid challenge is to film the awkward action. However, the editing made me think that someone sympathetic (or worried about what the producers would seem like) was putting together what we saw.

Stupid Kacey won the challenge. I’m not a fan of hers. She photographs old, if the other girls are to be believed she’s a slob, and she has a very rude personality. (What would you rather: share a room with Kacey, or walk on a conveyor belt runway? … Hm.) She won lots of jewelry and Mr. Jay didn’t make her pick two friends to give any to. I thought this was odd, because there were three specific necklaces on display. But Kacey hates everyone.

The girls discussed their backgrounds and personal lives at the house. This lead to the outting of Jane as a rich girl whose father is a “lung doctor.” Liz, a single mother who had been homeless while pregnant, said that of all the girls she’d want Jane’s background because she had money. As much as I understand that money can help out a lot, I felt bad the way the other’s seemed to dislike Jane. Is it her fault she’s come into the competition not needing the money as much as just wanting to model? (You guys needn’t worry too much, I don’t think she’ll win.) That’s like saying only the girls who come to be on the show and have a kid back home are worthy of winning. This isn’t a “who needs it more” competition. Aside from that, I just find Liz incredibly annoying.

The photoshoot involved Mexican wrestling (they do it with funny masks.) None of the pictures blew me away.

Ann has won three best picture’s so far. She’s a good high fashion model. But it’s because she’s a natural, not because she’s mastered technique. And her naturalness seems to come from being so tall and awkward with her body (awkward poses = high fashion, btw.) It’s early on, but I hope Ann grows and builds from her natural skills. Basically, often she’s just lucky. In her shoot she was getting some critiques and she broke down in tears after she was done. Part of me understands that she felt she wasn’t doing her best and was letting herself down, as well as the hypothetical clients. She’s high up on a pedestal, and now any criticism is giving her self-doubt. She can’t crumple under pressure like that in the modeling world.

Despite not doing well in the shoot, she still lucked out in having a great photo teeming with awkwardness. She won best picture again. And Tyra Banks even goaded the other girls, implying that if she was them she’d be mad that Ann was winning again and that otherwise the next girl called would have been best picture. Stirring the drama pot, are we, Miss Banks?

The bottom two ladies were Lexie and Jane. Lexie was starting to get on my nerves, but it was sad to see her go. I hope we see more of Jane’s personality, or she’s certainly going home soon.

What did you think? Would you have booted Jane over Lexie? Do you like Kacey? Is Liz ever going to stop complaining about things?

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