Now we have eight modelbee’s (wannabe model’s) in the competition of America’s Next Top Model.

The challenge was for The Grammy’s, where the gals partnered up and had to dress their partner. Then t hey were given brief interviews to decide which one girl would be allowed to attend the Grammy’s as a Grammy Girl who hands out an award. Liz was the most passionate and really wanted it. Liz and Kayla were the winning pair but Kayla was the challenge winner.

I think it’s too bad that Liz didn’t win, but am worried that when she did she was pissed and instead of saying anything decided to get drunk. That’s not a healthy coping mechanism, and Liz seems to get easily defeated. Kayla deserved to win, although I’m not sure why every time she gets emotional it’s about her sexuality. I suppose it has to do with not being accepted and finally feeling that, I just don’t want Kayla to feel one-note. She’s more than only a lesbian.

Something kind of comical is that Ann had to pick Chelsey’s dress, and while she was told to get a size 2/4 she got a size 12. What was she thinking? Kayla also admitted that while Liz told her to get her a dress, she purposefully went in the direction she thought would win – a punky look with sequined pants. It worked, but I didn’t like the way Kayla took charge. .

The photoshoot the participated in was to be transformed into a famous, renown designer and to model with a professional female model wearing the clothing of that designer. This meant at least half the gals were transformed into men! Liz had no problem using her humor to embody the spirit of John Galliano. (I know, at first I though she was going to be the one eliminated, how wrong could I BE?) But Esther (my favorite!) struggled to find a masculine energy as Christopher Decarnin.

Most of models who didn’t know the designer they were posing as were slapped on the wrist for not being educated (except for Ann, who can do no wrong no matter how lost she is.)  Tyra Banks says America’s Next Top Model is not just fun and games, and the women need to come armed with knowledge – of course, she’s only highlighting that in this cycle because it’s all about HIGH FASHION.

The winner was Liz! She broke the streak of Ann winning best picture. (They cut to a shot of Ann looking crestfallen, oh the drama of not being number one!) Then Kayla. Then Ann, Chelsey Chris, Jane. The bottom two were Esther and Kendal. As always, Tyra said, “it’s interesting that you’re the two standing before me.” Somehow, Tyra Banks always finds the bottom two interesting. She needs a new segue. Esther was saved, thank God. Bye to Kendal. She was pretty, but wasn’t skilled and didn’t get better during the competition.