We finally got rid of one of the most flat-out annoying girls in the competition – Kyle.

This week on America’s Next Top Model 2012, the ladies had to do an anti-bullying PSA, then pose at a decadent party set-up. And we heard the word “tooch” about 40 times. (Keep in mind, this isn’t a real word.)

The anti-bullying PSA seemed more than just a touch ironic, because Tyra Banks has encouraged the girls to fight for their respective teams (based on their country.) To that end, many of the girls have bullied and been harsh to each other. However, the PSA’s were sweet and showed softer, more human, sides to all of the girls. Sophie did well, as did Catherine (someone who has not taken the spotlight yet.)

The photoshoot concept wasn’t incredibly clear, but some girls made it work. Sophie landed best picture, while the bottom spots were held by Kyle and Alisha. The judges felt Alisha might be better (and only) suited for video, while Kyle only seemed to have the one facial expression. Turns out, you can’t have just one face in modeling. Kyle was (finally) send packing and Alisha lives to model another day.