America's Next Top ModelLast night’s highlights of America’s Next Top Model:

Just Dessert!: Modelbe (Model+wannabe) Erin wins a challenge and gets cocky. She is rude to just about everyone, and even tells the camera how she’s the best, blah blah blah. Very unlikable. As Sundai put it, “not charming”. She’s fake and that’s sad.

Isn’t it Ironic?: Erin said she was someone a lot of girls could relate to. We hope not – considering how RUDE she is. I don’t think most girls are THAT catty.

Surprising: Nicole loosens up and lands the second best Cover Girl commercial spot. You’ve probably previously read about how I’ve been MEGA rooting for Nicole on ANTM. She’s the one who is the ‘stiffest’ and usually shows the least amount of personality.  Which is understandable but makes me sigh! Luckily she pulled it out this week. Meanwhile, Brittany was a total robot. She’s too efficient! She actually needs to show some flaws to do better.

Our favorite contestants after this episode: Nicole, Rae (who was eliminated!), Jennifer, Sundai

Not really feeling: Laura, Erin, Brittany

Sirlinksalot: America’s Next Top Model