It’s makeover time for the ladies of America’s Next Top Model cycle 15. And I know the question on my mind is, which gal will inevitably be brought to tears by what Tyra Banks has decided to do with her hair? But more on that later.

The photoshoot deals with the girls as ANGELS. (But not the Charlie’s kind.) They’re going to be fallen angels on a Malibu beach. I…had no idea that was an Angel hang-out. Weird. But best of all, the guest judge is Patricia Field. Field is best known for being the costume designer for Sex and the City. She almost always did good work (Carrie dressed as Heidi was too much), even on the sucktacular SATC movies.

America’s Next Type Model “Patricia Field” Episode Synopsis (TV-PG, L) FAHION DESIGNER PATRICIA FIELD (“SEX AND THE CITY”) IS THE GUEST JUDGE; PLUS THE GIRLS RECEIVE MAKEOVERS — Tyra makes a surprise visit to the house to inform the girls they will receive makeovers. Their excitement quickly fades when they realize there is also a surprise elimination upon receiving their new looks. This week’s photo shoot takes place on the beaches of Malibu, where the girls pose as fallen angels for photographer Anne Menke. Fashion designer/stylist Patricia Field (“Sex and the City”) is this week’s guest judge (America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 episode 3).

Watch an ANTM Preview:

America’s Next Top Model airs on The CW at 8pm.