Don’t worry guys, I couldn’t pick ANTM’s guest judge Matthew Rolston out of a line-up either.

I mean no offense to Rolston, but I’m not as familiar with him as other designer’s. In this episode of ANTM the model wannabe’s have to pose on rollercoasters. And who here HASN’T done that? You know how they snap your picture while you’re on a coaster, and you can pay to have it (DESTROYED)? Who among us hasn’t ever tried to pose beautifully as that flash went off, only to discover we look like we’re about to vomit? Don’t make me feel alone here!

Anyway, the photo shoot is where the gals look like they’re underwater. I wonder how many of them looked to Ariel of The Little Mermaid of ideas? (Seriously, what other famous mermaids ARE there?) I have pictures of the prep/behind-the-scenes for that shoot below. Check back later for the images of the actual photoshoot!

America’s Next Top Model “Matthew Rolston” (TV-L) TOP BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER MATTHEW ROLSTON IS THIS WEEK’S PHOTOGRAPHER AND GUEST JUDGE — The girls head to a theme park where they must pose while riding a rollercoaster. The winner of the challenge is photographed for a feature on by Tyra herself. This week’s photo shoot takes the girls underwater as they are photographed by top beauty photographer Matthew Rolston, who is also this week’s guest judge. ANTM! (America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 episode 4).