In the Franca Sozzani episode of America’s Next Top Model, the ladies had an editorial challenge of looking beautiful and holding movement and emotion in their pose. There weren’t a lot of specific still frames, as it was all motion-y. But here are some of the pictures from those motion captures.

ann cycle 15

Here is Ann. She looks haunted, if you want to glamorize it. But I would say she looks plain scared. And scarily thin. The dress is great, though.

Kayla: Not only are the dress and shoes and scenery and breathtaking, Kayla is really making this picture move beyond that. She looks like a powerful goddess.

Kayla: Here she is again looking very gorgeous.

Chelsey: It’s a pretty picture and a nice post, but it’s very model-y and there’s no emotion here. She looks like a typical, bored model.

chelsey antm

Chelsey: Tragically beautiful.

Kayla: She was pretty great, how could she get cut?

Jane: She has a terrific face.