The final four girls on ANTM have to work with energy and motion to create high fashion pictures to impress Tyra Banks, who directs them this week.

antm cycle 15

Based on the girls before the challenge, any of them could look like a model in person. Jane seems maybe a little too prissy and, sigh, boring. Kayla really seems to draw the eye, and I’m placing my bet that she’s in the final two.

America’s Next Top Model Franca Sozzani synopsis: VOGUE ITALIA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF FRANCA SOZZANI IS THE GUEST JUDGE — The final four girls put their personality to the test when they meet one-on-one with Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani. Tyra directs the girls during a motion editorial challenge that requires them to bring their poses to life with movement and emotion. Following this week’s double elimination, Tyra premieres her directorial debut of “Disturbato.” Franca Sozzani is this week’s guest judge (ANTM Cycle 15 episode 11).