There is no way to have watched America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 episode 2 and have walked away liking Anamaria. I’m so glad she was cut. Here’s a case of a girl who is beautiful, but who 1) has really effed up body issues in her mind, 2) had an ugly, catty personality. Seriously, she was a downright wicked girl. She talked trash of everyone, said no one was her competition – she was overly cocky and confident.

The kisser is that even when she had Tyra Banks and Diane Von Furstenberg telling her that she was too thin, she shrugged and said they didn’t see what she saw. (She’s calling out for help! Ack!) She told the camera that she’d go see what other modeling agencies thought, instead. Earlier in the show we saw her talk about her calorie-restricted diet, and how she used to be around 130 and now she was 110 and liked it much better. It’s sad that her mind was so warped and that she was such a cruel girl, because otherwise she had a beautiful face.

Sorry, girly. But you need to eat a cheeseburger and get a better attitude.  All the beauty in the world can’t cover up your hatred  for yourself and for other’s.