In the last episode of ANTM British Invasion, we lost the lovely Ashley. That left four British girls and five American girls still vying for the prize. The odds were evening out when one of the dead-ringers for a finalist was eliminated for her bad attitude.

Laura and her Stuffed Animal

Kyle got blamed, but it was Sophie who threatened to put the stuffed animal in the water. And it was the British girls who ripped the ear off. We felt bad for Laura. Why do you think Kyle was the only one blamed in the end?

Sophie Can’t Be Stopped

There’s something about Sophie, the saucy Brit that managed to come up on top for the music video challenge. She’s got spark and sparkle, but she’s also got a jerky attitude. Despite how much we’d root for Sophie normally, the trash she talks has us rooting against her.

Tyra Banks Makes up Words, Again

We learned about the “Booty Tooch” previously on ANTM, but now Tyra has made all sorts of other variations on the Tooch. What is it about Banks that makes her think she needs to invent these words? “Smize” is cute, but the tooch is just silly.

AzMarie vs Kyle

AzMarie didn’t want to strap a fake ass to her behind, and Tyra Banks took offense to this. Even though it is completely ridiculous, AzMarie could not afford to let her ego show. By refusing to do whatever she was told (as the fashion industry insists upon) she showed she was not the right top model for the job. In the end, evne though Kyle is a lost cause, she was saved while AzMarie was booted.

Not only is Kyle not attractive with her bug eyes, but she’s always freaking out and rude to the other girls. While Tyra said AzMarie didn’t look like she was taking the music video seriously that wasn’t the case. Az loves music, and she worked on her choreography. But you can’t say “no” to Tyra Banks. That’s the lesson, folks.

Do you still like Sophie? Should AzMarie have been cut?