By the end of this episode of ANTM cycle 18, there was one less British girl in the competition. But who was it?

Photo: The CW

This episode dealt with castings. Normally the girls struggle to find the locations for the castings in their exotic locale. This time, they were in Canada. And they didn’t have to find their own way around the place. (Canadians are nice, you know. They would have just given them directions.) Sophie and Eboni (surprisingly) did the best and booked the most jobs for Canadian fashion week. (Who knew they even had one?) Sadly, Ashley, Seymone and Katherine didn’t book any jobs.

Let’s talk about personalities before we discuss photos. If they aren’t mentioned, we feel neutral or they didn’t stick out at all (not a good thing.)

The Good:

Laura – She talked about how it was a blessing to be in the competition and she seemed really down to earth. This is the episode that made us like her. Plus, she took syrup right in the eye!

Annalise – She manages to speak her truth without trashing people. She has a confidence presence we admire.

AzMarie – She’s smart.

The Bad:

Alisha – She trashes others too freely.

Eboni – Her soft look is somehow, too soft. She seems dumb and tries to oversexualize herself despite what Trya asks her to do. (That’s why she’s dumb!) She wants to pose for Maxim by the way she gapes her mouth open and arches her back.

Sophie – She seems patronizing and cocky despite looking cute and spritely.

Seymone – She doesn’t seem genuine and she has a bad attitude.

Kyle – Though she’s pretty she doesn’t seem nice. Her eyes never change their look. And, believe it or not, we think she looks a bit soulless because of that.

Good Pictures:

Sophie, Annaliese, Laura, Kyle, AzMarie (our favorite) and Eboni (given best picture by the judges.)

Eh Pictures:

Seymone (the judges loved it, though), Ashley, Alisha

There were no bad pictures. Katherine and Ashley were in the bottom, with the latter being sent home.

Also noteable is that Tyra banks teased the Brits, saying, “This is ridiculous, girls. Four of you before me?”