AzMarie proved once again why she’s one of our favorites on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.

For their weekly challenge, the ladies had to do infomercials for generic antm products. Annaliese did amazing. In fact, all of the British ladies did fairly well. But the Americans didn’t. Eboni came across very smug. Candace fumbled over her words quite a bit.

A focus group loved Sophie, Kyle and Annaliese. The winner of the challenge was Annaliese.

Kyle was finally the first of this cycle to say she’s not here to be friends with anyone. Everyone playing our ANTM drinking game, take a drink. While she was very much liked by the test group, Kyle found a bit of clashing with Eboni enough to say she wanted to go home. “If I stay in, I will be pounding someone’s face in,” she said. That’s not true to her brand of being a girl next door. Still, it made me like her more, knowing she could step it up from being a dry and dull person.

The photoshoot (with Nigel Barker) took place in a dam and involved British hats and American cars. Basically you can throw together anything and make it work on ANTM.

Something we havae to note is that Eboni (aka puppy dog with her dog ears aka her pigtails aka wtf man) had a flip out about not wanting to be branded as “30 never” as she doesn’t want to be the baby. Most women would love to always look young, but Eboni is a brat.

So much of the America’s Next Top Model (cycle 18) comes down to whose personality we like, and whose pictures we like.

We liked the photos by:

Eboni (wonky left eye)
Kyle (nasty power bitches can work it)
Ashley (she better win)
Laura (drunk Faye West?)
Annaliese (great face)
Azmarie (fierce, fierce)

We disliked the photos by:

Sophie (maternity mama!)
Alisha (based on leg placement)
Candace (can’t change her face much)
Seymone (no energy, just pretty)

Based on this episode, we’d totally sing Kelly Clarkson karaoke with:


Based on this episode, we’d never share a fruit parfait with:

Eboni (Top of the freaking list.)

Top photo: AzMarie

Eliminated on ANTM: Candace

America’s Next Top Model airs on The CW