Get a quick recap of who had the best makeover look and who had the worst picture. All on America’s Next Top model 2012.

Who would we hold the elevator door for?

  • Bad personalities in this episode: Sophie (exceptionally loud, ruthless and annoying), Louise (spoiled), Eboni (baby), Seymone (argumentative)
  • Good personalities in this episode: Ashley (endearing, likeable, nice), AzMarie (friendly), Mariah (sweet)

Who would we want in our mirrors?

  • Pretty good shots: Ashley, Mariah, Sophie, Catherine, Laura, Eboni, Candace, Alisha
  • Not so great shots: AzMarie, Kyle, Annaliese, Seymone, Louise

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Who scored at the salon?

  • Best makeovers: Mariah (bangs, layers), Louise (Linda Evangelista)
  • Worst makeovers: Laura (red, white, blue), Eboni (puppy dog ears)


  • Best Kelly Cutrone comments: “You woudl cost me a million dollars.” To Laura: “I wanna find a rockstar to marry you off to, like tomorrow.”
  • Tyra Bank’s panel outfit: Not crazy at all, surprisingly. It was a long black dress, very Grecian and pretty.
  • Funniest moment, “To your home in…” Tyra forgot where she was. L.A!

Who had best photo tonight on ANTM: Laura

Runner up best photo: Ashley

Who was eliminated tonight (last night) on ANTM: Mariah

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