Do you have the honey that it takes to BEE a top model? (And do you remember that episode of Pushing Daisies about the bee’s?)

america's next top model bees

It’s time to take photos with live bee’s! Anyone scared? Isn’t it surprising how America’s Next Top Model tries to play off their challenges and photoshoots as not being totally bizarre and not secretly aimed at singling out one of the contestants biggest fears? Quel surprise, indeed. I thought everyone would be cool posing with live, scary bees. I would have about 40% more respect for Miss Tyra Banks if she partook in these challenges and photo shoots first.

america’s next top model cycle 16 episode 1 — “Alek Wek” Summary: GUEST JUDGE ALEK WEK AND A PHOTO SHOOT WITH LIVE BEES — After Tyra’s nutritionist, Heather Bauer, tests the models” knowledge of healthy foods and gives them tips on “cheaties” they can use to improve their diet, two of the girls get into a verbal smackdown over a piece of chicken. With the help of acting coach Eugene Buica, Nigel challenges the girls to perform for the camera by getting in touch with their “inner critic.” Photographer Mike Rosenthal and Jay Manuel take the models through a dramatic photo shoot with live bees, and one of the girls faces a personal crisis. Model and actress Alek Wek joins the judges to decide which girl will be eliminated (ANTM cycle 16 episode 2).

Photos: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

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