Is it fair to pick on ANTM cycle 16 contestant Alexandria? Fair has nothing to do with it. But this promo clip for Wednesday’s episode has us wondering how we’d react to a monkey being put on our back. And do monkey’s really carry ringworm? We’ll need Dr. House to tell us.

As the models are in Morocco, they’re meeting the wildlife, so to speak. I have no idea how populated Morocco is with monkeys…but there’s bound to be a few. Alexandria says in the video, “I did not know a monkey was on me. He was jumping all over my scarf….please don’t give me ringworm. I didn’t know.”

ANTM Cycle 16 Promo Featuring Alexandria and, of course, a Monkey:

Don’t forget that America’s Next Top Model cycle 16 airs this Wednesday at the new time of 9/8 central. Stay around for more tibits and opinions on the one and only Alexandria.