Tonight is the reveal for the America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 makeovers. But actually already has the pictures to show you how all the changes worked out! I’m still debating on whether or not I like Kayla as a vibrant redhead with that shag (which is very similar to Heidi Klum’s Mom shag.) I actually feel they really SALEISHA’D poor Kayla here! Who wants a mushroom head? No one, that’s who! (As for an Alias “pilot” colored wig PLUS a mushroom haircut, the vote is still out.)

Here are the ANTM makeovers in progress the finished results of those America’s Next Top Model makeovers, voila:

Anne still looks mousey.

Chelsey took such a bad photo with that pose she should be eliminated right there.

Chris took such a GREAT photo she looks like superwoman, or like she’s auditioning for a Dove beauty campaign ad.

Ester‘s hair is an improvement.

Jane needs to smize.

Kacey just needs to remember to model with her whole body H-T style.

Kayla‘s pose is great, no wonder they gave her awful hair.

Kendal also needs to remember to model with her legs. Otherwise this photo is phenomenal.

Lexie is quirky and awesome, this slight upgrade is great for her.

Liz looks a little better.

Rhianna‘s hair is like a mermaids, I love it.

Sara was turned brunette and she is obviously already bored with herself and the haircolor. (Why else is she standing like “Is this over, yet?”)

Terra now has awesome hair. She even makes those ugly gold beast shoes look kind of cool.

So – share! What do you think of these new looks? Do you agree with my assessment? Why or why not?