We loved the Just Cavalli clothing in the ANTM cycle 15 finale, but we did not love the cycle 15 winner. Did you?

america's next top model finale 15

The America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 winner turned out to be Ann, and not Chelsey. What’s more, it turns out that reality shows that have been on for so long aren’t at all worried about being transparent in how they rig the show.

  • Ann had a horrible runway walk with crazy bug eyes, yet no one really dwelled on that. Yet they criticized that Chelsey’s turn wasn’t as strong as the rest of her walk.
  • Chelsey was “a joy to shoot” and did exactly what Cover Girl would want for an ad. Her picture was perfect. Andre Leon Talley and Roberto Cavalli said it didn’t focus on the makeup enough (something not in Chelsey’s power at all.) Tyra Banks did defend this a bit.
  • Meanwhile, Ann was a scared and awkward creature during her CG photo shoot. But that’s what Talley loved. He said she looked like a beautiful and scared caged bird. Is looking scared high fashion? Even if Ann does high fashion better, they didn’t want to admit that for the Cover Girl challenge, Chelsey did it better.
  • For every other cycle of ANTM the girls have had a commercial challenge where they memorized and gave lines (sometimes in another language!) but this cycle they decided the girls would do voiceovers later. This is because Ann can’t do commercials. There’s no way she could have won with a horrible commercial and a bad runway show. So (it would seem) they changed how the commercial would be done so that Ann could succeed.
  • Chelsey is confident and has wanted this for a long time. Ann is not confident, and while we’ve thought she might have Marfan syndome, we also think she’ll be pretty nervous out in the real world.
  • Cavalli and Talley said Chelsey was too American, too blonde and corn fed. Apparently the show is no longer America’s Next Top Model, but Skinniest Girl We Can Find. This just glorifies the idea that they don’t care about any other attributes a model may have as long as she looks incredibly thin and tall.