We already had our America’s Next Top Model review of “Francesco Carrozzini” and now it’s time to really go in-depth over the photo shoot pictures.

Liz as John Galliano: THE WINNER! Nigel said what Liz did was great and subtle. The only thing I would note is that Liz was actually not trying to be subtle at all. the judges loved Liz in her photo and said she has the gift of androgyny. Little do they know that she hates that.

Jane as Marc Jacobs: The judges thought Jane should have looked more chill to embody Marc.

Kendal as Vera Wang: Poor Kendal did not do well. She didn’t take directions during the shoot, and she didn’t seem like she was trying. Tyra was worried that Kendal is the noun but not the verb – meaning she was born as a model but doesn’t do any modeling.

Chris as Betsey Johnson: Chris was perfectly matched with this hilarious and energetic Betsey Johnson. The judges were torn on this. Andre Leon Talley didn’t like it, and Francesco Carrozzini said Chris needed to give more variation.

Chelsey as Carolina Herrera: Chelsey already looks a  bit like Carolina. The judges said the image lacked a bit of the charm the real Carolina has. I am so over Chelsey.

Ester as Christopher Decarnin: The judges thought Esther looked too much like she was in a costume. The close-up was not good. Well, Esther didn’t know how to make her face look like a mans and that really isn’t her fault!

Kayla as Vivienne Westwood: Nigel says this was a very striking image, and I really think Kayla modeled well in this photo. Not only does her body have great energy, but her face was spot-on.

Ann – Alexander Wang: Andre Leon Talley said it was a great photo, and Tyra loved Ann’s tough mouth.