Would you consider wearing some high fashion hammer pants and flip flops? Please say yes! Come on, don’t miss out on the latest in the fashion word.

As you know, a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model is upon us. While we read through the vital stats about the wannabe model’s, an idea occurred. The ladies were asked to name their favorite shoe, and the one item they’d never wear. Why not make a photoshoot combing both of those items? It’d be a good, easy challenge for the girls to practice modeling something they hate (I wonder who would have a sour puss.) And in some cases, it’d be some truly funny stuff.

Tyra Banks likes to wear yellow police tape.

  • Anamaria would be in boots and “gangstah clothing.”
  • Ann would be in flats and a holiday sweater.(I believe this is the official uniform for Mom’s in Wisconsin.)
  • Esther would be in slippers and hot pants.
  • Jane would wear sandals and a Duke basketball jersey.
  • Kacey’d find herself in boots and a pleather catwoman suit – nice! Meow.
  • Kayla would rock some high heels and overalls.
  • Kendal would prance in comfortable shoes and animal print (which can sometimes be fashionable, hers is a lame answer.)
  • Lexie would wear a wonderful pair of Toms and hammer pants – love THAT.
  • Liz might find it hard to be feeling sexy in her combo of 5” black leather pumps with buckles and straps and granny panties. (Muahaha.)
  • Rhianna would be styling in ultra high heels and some cheap clothing.
  • Sara would be happy in flip flops and some vintage clothing from her grandma.
  • Terra would be in a pair of converses and anything, becuase there’s nothing she won’t wear. (They’d probably have her go naked.)

So there you have it. Which outfit would you hate to find yourself showing off to the masses? Whose outfit would you actually enjoy wearing?