Nicole on America's Next Top Model / The CW

My favorite contestant! Nicole on America's Next Top Model / The CW

Last night another model was eliminated on America’s Next Top Model. We said bye-bye to Kara, and I was glad to see her go because she was really annoying me and being so catty! I know it’s a competition, but if you’re ugly on the inside it really and truly does influence how people see you on the outside.

My favorite model in training is Nicole, a student from Colorado. She won the challenge last night, AND had the best photo. But we’re having problems with her because while she looks the most modelesque, she come across flat in person. She doesn’t emote well. Argh! I really want her to win but if she doesn’t show any progress in being more relatable I doubt Tyra will care how much Nicole can smize (aka smile with her eyes).

I’m also a big fan of Rae. You MUST see her photo from last night. I’m also including a thumbnail of my favorite photo of the eliminated Kara.

America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

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