antm 13
The latest episode of America’s Next Top Model sent another modelbe (wannabe) home packing. But did they send the right gal home? Were there any surprises? Yes, there were! Read on.

Jessica: She brought the biggest surprises of the episode. She’s been doing well, but flying under my radar because she hasn’t seemed anything but boring and “safe pretty”. But in this episode she came out of her shell and showed personality. Turns out the girl with the sweet face is a total dork and goofball! Suddenly she’s my favorite. I love dorks. She really made moves on Nigel in the challenge, and I adored it. When she needed to pull out a good picture, she managed to use her goofy side to get an amazing shot.She had the best photo from the shoot. Go her!

Raina: She’s like a seasoned pro – her face is just so good that it’s hard for her to take a bad shot. She isn’t stunning or bad, she’s walking a line. She has potential but anything could send her home if she messes up. I don’t see the judges rooting for her.

Alasia: That girl has got a FACE. I wrote that, and then I have to laugh at that sentence. Everyone has a face. But not everyone’s face photographs magically every time. Alasia can’t seem to do wrong.

Angelea: She had the second best photo, but mostly because she gave her natural bratty attitude. She’s annoying.

Anslee: I hate this girl.

Tatianna: She only knows how to pose with her hands but I liked her. Too bad she was sent home. Brenda should have gone first. Now, because I’ve seen the show Lie to Me I can analyze micro expressions now! When Tyra said Tatianna’s name the girl gave the MOST OBVIOUS tiny flinch from the side of her lip/nose – such contempt. The girls all hate Tyra, it’s clear!

Brenda: Annoying and not good. Go home already.

Krista: Eh. She’s kind of bitchy.

Alexandra: I like her although she’s patronized so much. First, when she’s in a bad mood in the house Krista says something randomly about how ‘bigger girls get upset because they can’t find clothes for them’. Way to be insulting. Alexandra simply said, ‘No, that’s not it.’ Because that wasn’t it – it wasn’t the issue at all. Alexandra is the first plus sized model on the show who doesn’t have a problem with her size – and to be fair, she’s hardly plus-sized in the real world. Tyra later said that Alexandra has a body girls would kill for, but not before she said that Alexandra didn’t know what to do with ‘all that body’. Jesus.

Tyra Banks channeled the 80’s in panel with her red body suit (which is probably the most attractive one so far, although this time the camera never showed below her waist – maybe she’s realized people think they’re ugly and she’s nuts) and giant gold spiked earrings that WOULD NOT STOP MOVING. It was so distracting. I really thought Tyra had just walked from a casting call from that Dynasty show or whatever. Meanwhile, Andre Leon Talley was wearing the equivalent of a red silk Snuggie. Dear lord. “Dreckitude” for sure. Tyra matched him, of course – and I just wanted to laugh at how ridiculous they looked. And Andre seems to have a scepter! Or a cane. Or something. The guest judge (who has such an annoying voice) was Pat Cleveland and she fit in well being insane. Her “witty” words were along the lines of, “High fashion? She needs to say ‘hi’ to fashion.” Then Andrew started talking about poupette’s. Nigel Barker sat there like WTF.

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