View all of the photo shoot pictures from the ANTM cycle 17 episode that airs tonight on The CW.

antm dominique

ANTM Dominique: I feel like she looks too insecure here. Participating in the Olympics takes strength and confidence. I don’t see that here from Dominique. My prediction for who will be eliminated, based on these photographs, is Dominique. I know that standing in heels and balancing that …thingy, probably wasn’t easy. but look at the way her hands and fingers are? There’s no power to be read in this pose. And, gorgeous as her thigh looks, it seems like she’s trying to be sexy when she shouldn’t be. All of this said, the judges might love it.

antm allison harvard

ANTM Allison Harvard: She’s my favorite! And seriously, this picture is all ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’ She does high fashion so well. Harvard is who I’d like to see win. This could be in Vogue for a fashion story, even though I don’t find this dress very flattering and the heels are totally boring.

antm angelea

ANTM Angelea Preston: With pictures like this, it’s hard for me to think she won’t possibly win. It portrays strength, hope and ambition. She’s selling the clothing (and shoes!), and her face looks beautiful.

antm laura

ANTM Laura Kirkpatrick: I kind of love this a lot, but it’s easy to know what the judges will critize. Her position with the legs and the dress makes her look short (wasn’t she in the “short cycle”?) I wish we could see more of her other foot and leg. She reminds me of cupid here. And she is really selling that dress.

antm lisa

ANTM Lisa D’Amato: Please let this be the week Lisa goes home. She’s strong as a competitor but I don’t like her at all. I do love her angelic face and body here. But you can’t see one of her legs, and even though I think it’s unfair to blame the model for that kind of thing, the judges always do. If the wind had just blown that black sheer skirt in a different way, this picture with this pose could have gone from okay to phenomenal. I could see this as a footwear campaign.

Three more Allison Harvard pictures, just because: (too bad they didn’t have a close-up with her cool hair for the official photo.)

allison harvard all stars

allison harvard

allison harvard