Who is favored to be the ANTM All-Stars winner? And which girl has a negative fan reaction all over the internet?

Will Lisa D'Amato be the ANTM All Stars winner?

America’s Next Top Model All Stars – All Star Finale

THE FIRST EVER ALL-STAR WINNER IS CHOSEN — The women participate in the final photo shoot and a challenging runway finale that includes flying and modeling under water. Jay Manuel joins André Leon Tally, Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks for the final judges’ panel, where America’s Next Top Model All-Stars is chosen.

Remember that Tyra Banks Music Video from ANTM Cycle 2?

Trivia: This will be the last panel that Andre Leon Tally (and I couldn’t care less, all he’s done is make Tyra Banks try to impress him by being crazier than usual) attends. We’ll also see part two of the motion editorial for Modelland (which makes us laugh.) One of the ladies gets disqualified!

We want Allison Harvard to win. Most other fans online seem to feel the same way. And if they don’t like Harvard, they seem to be picking Lisa D’Amato. There is a lot of buzz about how no one really likes Angelea Preston but the show has been setting her up to win.