Time to learn about Seymone, Alisha and Annaliese, who are all competing in America’s Next Top Model cycle 18.

Seymone, ANTM Team America

First Impressions: Are they seriously going to call her plus size?

Age: 19
Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Height: 5’11
Hobbies: Cheerleading, track, dancing and all things music and fun
Favorite musician: Michael Jackson
Favorite model: Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima

Alisha, ANTM Team Britain

First Impressions: Gorgeous.

Age: 20
Hometown: South London, England
Favorite movie: Roots
Favorite musician: Rihanna & Mavado
Favorite model: Jessica White

Annaliese, Team Britain

First Impressions: The pose makes her right arm look short and oddly shaped.

Age: 24
Hometown: London, England
Height: 5’7
Hobbies: Trampoline, gymnastics and dance
Favorite musician: Drake
Favorite model: Eva Marcille