Despite the way the apathetic title may come across, I’m violently appalled by the vicious “culture clash” that Tyra Banks is championing for ANTM cycle 18. A British invasion is fine, but do we really have to fight so damn much just because a “pond” separates us?

Antm Cycle 18 Review – Episode 1

The last time I met a British person (at a restaurant) I was talking to them in about two minutes about how much we both loved Doctor Who and how Matt Smith, Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill were just as great as David Tennant, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Catherine Tate, etc. If I was on ANTM 2012 right now, I’d be wanting to befriend these British girls! I’d want to ask them tons of questions and learn the cool jargon and I’d happily tell them about anything American they wanted to know. But that’s not what we’re getting on this show.

Instead, we get some vicious, ugly fighting. The show is truly promoting a culture of hate for the Americans versus the British girls. Everything is emphasized about the team of “Yanks” (which is a derogatory term said by Southerners during the Civil War, and only applies for the people in the north half of the United States) and “Brits.” You’re either red or blue, and you can’t cross the line. And while ANTM has been on a while, I certainly don’t think they need many tactics like this to get people watching. Like Project Runway, the formula for the show works fine no matter how often you do it.

Since we have all of this fighting, the show is lending itself to some villains right off the bat. When the first episode aired last night on The CW, I found I had a list of girls I immediately didn’t like, and those I did. (And I didn’t root for just the Americans, no way.)

I disliked (based on personality):

  • Laura
  • Louise

I liked (based on personality):

  • Ashley (so, so much)
  • Seymone
  • Alisha
  • Jasmia
  • Mariah

I’m not entirely sure why we had to have previous girls from Britain’s Next Top Model and then new ones for ANTM, but experience didn’t matter in this unusual photoshoot of 360 degrees nonsense. (It was cool, I guess.) So my list of whose pictures I liked and disliked was different than who I liked based on personality. And the photo concept was very cool.

Liked these photos:

  • Catherine
  • Kyle aka Katy Perry
  • Seymone
  • Sophie

Disliked these photos:

  • Alisha
  • Jasmia
  • Louise
  • Annaliese
  • Eboni
  • Ashley

The win went to Seymone and Jasmia was eliminated.

I thought this was smart, and I was so glad not to loose Ashley.  Right now she’s the only one I really want to root for as the winner of America’s Next Top model cycle 18. But what do you guys think?

P.S. Kelly Cutrone is a good, whip smart (and yes, appropriately mean) judge.

Who do you hope wins – based on last nights episode?