Last night there was a the season premiere of America’s Got Talent season 6. I watched it without big expectations, and didn’t find any act truly impressive. I mean, how exciting are parrots?

America’s Got Talent 2011 Audition Highlights:

Off to Vegas:

Frank Olivier, age 50 – He juggled flaming torches – which he had Howie hand over to him. Or was supposed to. The man was also on a unicycle and couldn’t balance without putting a hand on Howie’s bald head. Howie was begging Sharon and Piers to press their buttons. As someone who doesn’t like germs, he couldn’t have liked having his head rubbed like that. Frank managed to juggle the torches, but Howie wasn’t happy and pressed his button. “You can’t touch Howie’s head. That’s the problem,” Sharon said. But Frank showed that he had put hand sanitizer on right before he went on. But Howie couldn’t be persuaded. Sharon said Frank should come to Vegas, and Piers agreed (so that Frank could torture Howie.) I doubt Frank will get much farther in the competition since he seems like a one trick pony. And it doesn’t help that his trick annoys one of the judges to no end.

Ryan Andreas, age 34 – He played the piano and sang “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. His voice was gritty and not quite polished enough. I don’t think he would have made it on American Idol. None of the judges buzzed him off. Howie liked the sound of his voice and called him a diamond in the rough. Sharon was blown away. Piers agreed.

Landon Swank, age 26 – This magician said, “I would like to be the most popular magician that has ever lived.” Okay, that’s not pompous at all. He had some sort of magic box, but I didn’t feel incredibly impressed. The box was doing all the work. But the judges liked his act. And they were quick to point out that he was very handsome so the ladies liked him.

Debbie O. (Vegas Birds), age 51 – She works with a parrot. An old parrot. He’s almost 21. And she could get the parrot to talk. Which is cool in person, I guess. But otherwise … we’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Howie said the same. But Debbie said she has parrots that do magic, paint and read minds. Ooookay.

Frank Miles, age 50 – This juggler started at age 15. Juggling gave him a chance to stop being so afraid of other people. He decided for the show he would go big and juggle three stun guns. In practice, sometimes it goes wrong. The judges liked it.

The end of the Road:

John Jacobson, age 54 – He’s the double dream hands guy you’ve seen on Youtube. Despite being popular online, people were booing him. Piers and Sharon both buzzed him off. Howie got into the act and was doing the routine, though.

Udi Abagnale, age 32  – He described his backup dancers as “hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.” Quite the eloquent one. He couldn’t sing or dance. How embarrassing. The delusional little man did not make it.

What did you think of the kick-off for America’s Got Talent season 6?